TITLE: Chief Executive Officer

SITUATION: An $18MM FQHC in central Wisconsin was under duress.  They had morale issues, recruitment and retention challenges and were under fire by the local press that was skewering them for poor patient quality ratings. The board turned to UHC as their search partner for a new CEO.  They wanted to hire a firm that had access to candidates that truly understood the community healthcare market and was familiar with these types of problems. They also needed assistance with the process.  They did not have the internal staff nor experience to manage the complexities of identifying, interviewing, negotiating and on-boarding talent at this level.

RESULT: UHC Solutions went to work following a step by step process that has been honed over 19 years.  By holding the board and themselves accountable to a pre-determined project plan, a candidate slate of 5 motivated and qualified candidates were recruited, professionally packaged, accepted by the board and put into the interview/recruitment process.  Each of these candidates had experience in the particular problem areas that the clinic was facing. After two rounds of interviews one candidate stood out as clearly superior and was made an offer.  This individual has hit the deck running by improving morale and patient quality in every measurable category. He is now indoctrinated into the community and making a difference in population health.

TITLE: Chief Financial Officer

SITUATION: A well-known $100MM FQHC in Northern California was looking for a seasoned veteran that had the ability to manage up to the board members and state level while being able to relate to all staff members.  This person needed to be able to take complex financial data and make it relatable to all levels of the organizations.  The new CFO was tasked with developing a dashboard that focused on patient quality and its relationship to financial sustainability.  They also wanted the finance leader to be able to increase reimbursement rates which had been denied to the predecessor CFO.

RESULT: Four reimbursement schedules have been successfully renegotiated taking a significant amount of stress off the accounting department as well as the leadership team.  An understandable dashboard that all stakeholders at every level can relate to most importantly, the numbers produced by the accounting department were trusted and used to better the organization and subsequently, patient quality.

TITLE: Chief Operations Officer

SITUATION: One of the original FQHCs in South Central Los Angeles was looking for a new CEO.  This $50 million operation was running lean by not having a Chief Operations Officer in place.  The result was some throughput inefficiencies as well as compromised patient quality.  UHC placed the CEO and was then called upon to back this up with a “world class” Chief Operations Officer.

RESULT: UHC stayed in the local L.A. area with numerous quality targeted candidates from many quality primary care organizations to serve its large populations.   The winning candidate actually did not come from the FQHC family, she was a talented individual in an “adjacent” primary care facility as an operating officer for county healthcare.  What a terrific background.  She fit perfectly for the needs of this organization bringing in a fresh perspective to the overall operations of the center.

TITLE: Chief Information Officer

SITUATION: A large $130MM+ FQHC in Central California had just experienced a crash in its IT system that cost an estimated $1 million in lost revenue, increased expenses, and overtime to staff causing both morale and financial challenges. The aging IT system was aptly called a “brittle” system by the consultants evaluating the problem citing both hardware and software deficiencies.  The existing Chief Information Officer was dismissed and UHC was called upon to find a CIO with experience in their NextGen system as well as managing a large enterprise system in a primary care setting.

RESULT: After conducting an extensive national search, five candidates bubbled to the top that could handle this size operation with a history of IT success.  The new IT leader was hired in a period of 45 days from start to finish and continues to be a key impact player for this organization resulting in an truly integrated information technology solution for the entire organization.

TITLE: Chief Dental Officer

SITUATION: An existing FQHC client that UHC had conducted numerous placements for called upon us when their ever-growing dental operation simply outgrew the existing dental leader.  Growth, complexity and an expanding geographical footprint called for a very special oral health leader.

RESULT: UHC went to work and scoured the nation for someone that could manage a residency program, see patients for a couple days a week and be an administrator that was not just fixated on production, but seeing the situation from the patient’s viewpoint.  Those patients ranged from rural health workers to homeless to veterans and all needed help in this California farm community.   After an exhaustive search, UHC discovered someone with all the requisite experience.  The new CDO used his 30+ years of progressive responsibility to now make a difference in this community.    This high-caliber leader recently turned to us to find him someone that can manage his newly developing pediatric residency program that will help the younger population better its oral health for years to come.

TITLE: Chief Medical Officer

SITUATION: An FQHC in Anchorage, AK knew that recruiting a CMO to Alaska would not be an easy task.  They reached out to UHC and stated that they had an upcoming resignation and that this was a “mission critical” C-Suite position that needed professional and direct recruitment.  They were not seeing any candidates from internal referrals and postings more less anyone that was suitable.

RESULT:  UHC took an approach of recruiting in rural and semi-rural states in the northern United States. The team was looking for someone that would not be intimidated by some long cold nights.  The winning candidate was from the Colorado Rockies and not only loved the job, but also moved his family to Anchorage with all relishing the adventure.  Today they are successfully indoctrinated into the community while this physician leader makes a difference in local and state healthcare.