UHC Solutions is the National Recruitment Specialist for Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Since 1998 community healthcare organizations have turned to UHC to help recruit C-Suite healthcare executives, directors and managers, as well as dentists, behavioral health specialists and physicians.

They partner with us when their job postings for a critical need position are not generating the candidate results they would like to see. First and foremost we find that FQHCs like to work with us when they need a recruitment team that is skilled at finding candidates that are in the market and not on the market.

UHC is also called upon when an unforeseen resignation from a critical position calls for immediate results or circumstances where a leader is simply at their wit’s end and needs a professional process to help find a slate of candidates to choose from.

We are a unique recruitment agency in that we only work with Community Health Centers. This specialization and focus has allowed us to make a significant positive impact for our clients in the areas of quality, productivity and improved financial results. Clients and candidates alike know immediately that we have a shared mutual mission of improving primary care for under-served populations.


Featured Client

Tiburcio Vásquez Health Center, Inc.

“UHCS is simply the finest recruitment firm in the FQHC realm. Our new CFO (Brent) is tremendous and totally the real deal. One of my better hires I have made in 25 years, he’s making a huge difference here. By the way, our new IT leader that you gave us is killing it too, he’s great. Keep up the great work for our community healthcare network.”
— David B. Vliet, MBA, Chief Executive Officer