Why Community Health Centers Should Care About Value-Based Payment Methods

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The move to value-based reimbursement has been a buzzword for a few years now, but these payment models are still new to many of us in the community healthcare field. Value-based care seeks to pay providers based on healthcare outcomes, … Read More

How to Make Your Practice Enticing for Top-Level Talent

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We know the competition is fierce for the best clinical and administrative talent. Smaller, rural, community-based, and independent practices often struggle to compete against their larger urban counterparts. However, in our experience, even the smallest practices can compete if they … Read More

You Can Actually SAVE Money By Partnering with an FQHC Recruiter. Here’s How.

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It’s no secret FQHC and other community healthcare providers have tight budgets. They may believe that working with a staffing agency like UHC Solutions is an attractive but not an affordable option to helping them meet their hiring goals. There … Read More

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