CPR in recruitment

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What is CPR in recruiting?  It’s Contact Point Resolution. The old adage “patience is a virtue,” is the caution heard round the world, usually offered in the face of hasty energy or urgency. In a field like recruitment, however, urgency is a necessity considering the rapid rate at which candidates and openings can emerge, develop, Read More

Common mistakes during the hiring process

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Vetting vs. Recruiting: this is a balancing act.  No one wants to make a bad hiring decision, but knowing when to vet and when to recruit can be the difference between getting a great new hire or just someone to fill a seat.  Most hiring authorities start vetting before they have sold any value. Sell your opportunity first and then explain to the candidate what you are looking for.  Read More

How we serve community health centers

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“We have a critical need for a Clinical Informatics Specialists,” an FQHC told us. “We have a bunch on our plate right now. With everything from Meaningful Use compliance, ongoing EHR upgrades & optimization, and more urgently physician and clinician integration – we need a clinical informatics expert that can bridge the communication gap between the clinicians and the IT folks!” Read More

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