Sunset Community Healthcare

“UHCS made us feel at ease, they helped us understand the process to on-board our new Chief Medical Officer. Their team took the time to understand our situation and our needs. We became comfortable with them and they brought us applicants that were very qualified to be our new physician leader. The result was that they found us a CMO that had everything that we asked for and then some.”

– David Rogers, CEO – Sunset Community Healthcare in Yuma Arizona

Communicare CHC

“The entire process exceeded our expectations. We had never worked with a recruitment firm before at the level of our Chief Medical Officer. They gave us feedback during the entire process on what we were doing well and we got great results. They identified four candidates for us in a short period time and we ended up hiring a very qualified physician leader.”

– Bonnie Shea, Chief Human Resources Officer – Communicare CHC in Davis, California

Candidate Reference

“When I got the call from UHC, I was not actually looking for a job as I was very happy. They listened and paid attention to what I was talking about. I think they do an excellent job aligning individual and client points of interest and putting them together. The team did an amazing job getting me to where I am at today because I really wasn’t looking.”

– Steve Ramirez – Chief Medical Officer for Variety Care, Oklahoma City, OK

Tim and Kevin:

Now that signatures are dry and my resignation has been officially submitted, I would like to take a moment to express my thanks to UHCSolutions for the time and effort in bringing myself and MCDC together.  I appreciate you referring me for this unique position and initially communicating my skills and qualifications to MCDC.  Please extend my gratitude to the entire staff at UHCSolutions for all their work.

I believe the successful outcome of this recruitment process has been made possible in large part due to the complimentary missions of MCDC and UHCSolutions.  I feel fortunate that such common professional values enabled a goodness of fit by bringing to my attention this leadership position which aligns so well with my career goals to address the dental needs of underserved populations.

I am enthusiastic to begin serving MCDC as their next Chief Dental Officer.  Thank you again for investing in this process.

– James Strohschein, DDS

Thanks so much, Joe!

You have been great to work with and we appreciate all you did to help this recruiting go as smoothly as it did.

I am sure we will be contacting you for future needs, once that time comes, but for now, getting Judy onboard (or starting to, anyway) is great news!

I hope you are still feeling better and very Merry Christmas to you and yours!

– Jonathan Tadtman, CDR